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Hobart puts technology at your fingertips and at your service.

Wirelessly compatible with existing technologies

Easy to upgrade and back up

Includes our HTe software

HTe pro, business & enterprise

From inventory management to easier, faster networking, Hobart Scales are an indispensable part of a smooth-running business. With HTe PRO, HTe BUSINESS or HTe ENTERPRISE, you can access and manage all of your scale information quickly and easily from the convenience of your desktop PC.



Hobart has built its name on products designed to last.

Hobart writes all the code for HTe software. Each version of our HTe software is user-friendly, easy to navigate and hard to break, even for the least tech-savvy individuals and organizations.


HTe helps streamline your operations.

HTe allows you to manage and backup your scale database, manage scale configurations, extract totals, manage scale media content, create and manage label content, enable remote diagnostics and more--all the while saving time and reducing the typical headaches associated with managing your scales.


A Name You Can Trust

Wireless Capabilties
Enable your device to connect via wireless network
Electronic Controls
Enjoy easy-to-use and modern digital controls.

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