2018年5月15日(星期二)- 14:00

New Kitchen Experience Showcased at National Restaurant Association Show

100 Commercial Foodservice 产品 from 伊利诺斯工具 Food Equipment Group on Display

伊利诺斯工具 Food Equipment Group Comes to the Second City with First of Its Kind, 屡获殊荣的设备在新的厨房体验

俄亥俄州特洛伊市-(2018年5月16日) – The industry’s most trusted and relied upon commercial food equipment brands will be giving restauranteurs, chefs and food industry professionals the chance to get a first-hand look at the latest advanced and energy efficient products when they visit the 伊利诺斯工具 Food Equipment Group booths at the 2018 National Restaurant Association Show.  

More than 100 high performance commercial kitchen products from 伊利诺斯工具 Food Equipment Group brands like 10bet十博, 巴克斯特, 特劳尔森, 火神, 狼, Berkel and 兴奋剂 will be on the floor of Chicago’s McCormick Center at booths #4031, #4237, # 4240和# 2209, 游客可以在哪里了解获奖, 高效节能蒸汽技术, 独一无二的烤箱, 洗碗机, 制冷设备, 烹饪设备, 食物准备设备等等.

“We look forward to the NRA show every year because it gives us the chance to meet with the dealers, 咨询顾问, 每天都在使用10bet十博app下载设备的食品主管和厨师,托德·布莱尔说, 10bet十博食品设备集团市场总监. “This year we can’t wait to unveil for the first time at the NRA show the 伊利诺斯工具厨房经验, which allows foodservice professionals to observe the breadth of our offering across our family of premium brands and product categories, 这一切都发生在厨房里. It’s an opportunity for us to share with our customers our ability to provide greater value at a lower total cost of ownership by being a single source for high-performance, energy efficient equipment as well as installation and maintenance.” 

The industry’s premier manufacturer of a wide range of premium equipment for discerning food industry professionals, 伊利诺斯工具 Food Equipment Group (伊利诺斯工具工厂公司) will showcase energy efficient and high performance commercial kitchen products at NRA Show 2018, 5月19日至22日. 此外,10bet十博服务公司也将受到关注, 全国唯一的, factory-trained service network dedicated to commercial food equipment installation and maintenance.

巴克斯特, 该品牌被公认为卓越, 耐用的烘焙和烹饪设备, will showcase a completely new kind of oven at this year’s show – the VersaOven™. 提供独特的多功能性, 快速和简化忙碌的厨房, versaven结合了对流的最佳特性, 烤炉和组合式烤炉变成一种易于使用的烤炉, 一体化的, 自动清洁烤箱,节省厨房时间, 钱, 空间和头痛.

Highlighting products for industrial commissaries to the dynamic independent restaurant, 10bet十博 provides the complete line of food preparation equipment for today’s busy kitchens. 该公司的 最好在课堂上 搅拌机和重型切片机, 以及它的商业食品加工商, 都将在2018年全国步枪协会展上展出吗. Also on display will be 10bet十博’s medium-duty, automatic slicer.

被客户评为整体最佳级, dealers and 咨询顾问 for 17 consecutive years (Foodservice Equipment & 供应杂志), resource-saving 10bet十博 commercial 洗碗机 will be on display at this year’s show, 而CLeN输送式洗碗机则占据了舞台的中心. The CLeN features industry-leading technology like Drain Water Energy Recovery and Automatic Soil Removal to clean dishes and kitchen ware in less time and at a lower cost of operation.

For deli and grocery representatives seeking an easy to use, 电子食品秤, visiting the 10bet十博 booth will provide the chance to see the new HTi self-service scale, which offers consumers self-service convenience with touch screen ease.

特劳尔森, known for its 80-year history of manufacturing quality commercial refrigeration, will give show visitors a chance to check out its new Glass Door Display units. Patented LED display doors ensure lower energy consumption while showcasing merchandise in the best possible light. Additionally, the 特劳尔森 glycol prep table, best-in-class blast chillers, ENERGY STAR® 触手可及的小型冰箱, 商业牛奶冷却器, wine refrigerator and pizza prep refrigerator will also be on display. Visitors can also get a first-hand glimpse of the all-new, optional bare tube coil technology with finless coil design that virtually eliminates the need to clean condenser coils, saving kitchen operators in maintenance time and potential costs related to premature compressor failure and replacement.

火神, 品牌厨师和经营者看重的是顶级品质, 节能烹饪产品, will for the third year running feature equipment and technology that is being recognized with a Kitchen Innovation Award. 可在基于火神发电机的蒸汽机上使用, 火神将采用SonicSafe™, 一项可以消除规模问题的技术. SonicSafe使用强大的, 超声波能量,爆破秤自动脱落, ensuring that kitchens never again need to worry about a forgotten filter change causing scale buildup. Also featured at NRA Show 2018 are 火神 convection ovens, 用锅煎, 和范围, 包括火神CEF40, the industry’s first ENERGY STAR certified countertop electric fryer; the VCG5 gas convection oven, which won the KI 2017 Award and has removable doors for easy cleaning; and the 火神 ABC7-P Combi oven, 谁获得了2016年KI奖, C24ET-LWE地板汽船, 也是2016年KI奖得主.

To learn more about 伊利诺斯工具 Food Equipment Group products and 10bet十博服务, 参观展位# 4031, #4237 #4240 #2209在2018年NRA展会上.


伊利诺斯工具食品设备集团有限公司, 伊利诺斯工具工厂公司, is the brand behind the brands found in commercial kitchens, 面包店, 遍布世界各地的熟食店和杂货店. 一个能源之星® 2008年成为年度最佳合作伙伴, 伊利诺斯工具 Food Equipment Group North America embodies a family of premium brands including 10bet十博, 特劳尔森, 巴克斯特, 火神, 狼, Berkel, 兴奋剂, Somat, 盖洛德, Kairak, Wittco and Peerless—covering all your food equipment needs, 从食品制备和冷藏, 烹饪和烘焙, 洗碗和垃圾处理, 称重和包装. 由10bet十博app下载的全国网络1,500名经过工厂培训的维修技术人员, 10bet十博app下载总是在附近安装, 维护和保养你的设备. 通过参观了解伊利诺斯工具食品设备集团 www.itwfoodequipment.com.  

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